Story Behind The Story
Dramatis Personae
The Players

Ringmaster The guy who runs the circus, explaining the acts and telling us what is going on in the world.
Victoria A psychic and gypsy fortune-teller. Victoria’s gift for seeing the future is real, which makes her unhappy because the future looks much like the past. Victoria was named for the late queen, whose grandsons and other relations started the whole mess.
Roger the Socialist An earnest young man much taken with the work of Karl Marx. Victoria predicts that Roger will be very disappointed with Socialism when it gains a foothold. Roger falls in love with Victoria, in spite of his preoccupation with Dora.
Roger the Pacifist A light-hearted fellow who simply doesn’t see the point in other light-hearted fellows killing one another for no apparent reason. This Roger also falls in love with Victoria.
Policeman Forced to retire from the army after being gassed at Ypres, the Policeman is a staunch supporter of King and Country. His patriotism is not diminished in the least by his feeble intellectual capacity.
Leah A trapeze artist and fiancée of Lucas, whom she has sent off to war because of her sense of duty—his duty. Leah comes to doubt her commitment to war in response to Lucas’ letters from the front.
Lucas A former trapeze artist, now an infantryman. Not one to argue with his Leah, he enlisted, although he has his regrets when the bombs start falling on his head.
Hilda A trapeze artist from parts unknown, hired to replace Lucas after his enlistment. Hilda is overly enthusiastic about duty to country and the need to defend it to the death against the foe. Her enthusiasm wins the heart of Teddy.
Theodore Roosevelt Teddy, the 26th President of the United States. He has come to England to investigate the war from a closer vantage point. An opponent of President Wilson, Teddy believes the US should come charging into the war in support of the allies.
Nurse A woman who writes Lucas’ last letter from the front after which she sings a song.
Dora The character who doesn’t appear on stage but drives the action. See DORA.

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